90cm All Orange PVC Road Cone with Slim Body

Model No. AR-PVC90S
Delivery Time: Within 15-20days
Shipping Port: Ningbo, Shanghai or other shipping ports in China.
Payment Terms: T.T or L.C at sight

Height: 90cm
Weight: 2.5kgs
Base Size: 36 x 36cm
Reflective Tape Size: 15+10cm or as required


1. Made of 100% high quality virgin PVC, and no harm to the environment. 
2. Durable, flexible with high impact resistance, and easy to recover when being hit by the cars.
3. Colors could be customized as you required as: red, white, green and blue etc.
4. With the highly reflective collars on, the drivers could see it clearly, keeping themselves from danger much.
5. Excellent thermal performance, no cracks in low tempreture and no collapse in high tempreture.
6. UV-Reisitance, good performance in fading and ageing resistance.
7. Fluorescent colors available, more striking, increase the visual range.
8. Reasonable design, can be stacked one by one, saving storage space and transportation cost.
9. Various reflective tapes or collars available.


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