Reflective Round Ceramic Pavement Marker

Model No. AR-CRS01
Delivery Time: Within 15-20days
Shipping Port: Ningbo or other shipping ports in China.
Payment Terms: T.T or L.C at sight

Diameter: 4"/6"/8"
Weight: 0.25/1.4/2.5kgs
Color: Yellow or White
Single or Double Sides Reflective

Consist of a heat-fired ceramic base and a heat-fired glazed surface to produce the properties. Ceramic markers” glazed finish protects against weathering, especially during rain, excellent day time visibility. Non-reflective ceramic road markers are used mainly on roads and streets inside cities where street lightings are available. Unlike road markings, paints which are subject to soiling ceramic road markers retain their colors and are soil-resistant. The rumble effect of the raised ceramic markers deters drivers from running over it and gives a warning to drivers straying out of a lane.


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