3-Channel Rubber External Industrial Cable Protector

Model No. AR-CP10
Delivery Time: Within 15-20days
Shipping Port: Ningbo or other shipping ports in China.
Payment Terms: T.T or L.C at sight

Size: 985*295*50mm
Channel Size: (W)33*(H)33mm*3pcs
Material: Rubber Hump with PVC Cover
Weight: 9.5kgs 

heavy duty cable protector.jpg

Product Features
1) Slow down drivers in the parking lot or protect cables or pipe at the facility.
2) Protect your hoses, pipes, cables, wires and power extension cords.
3) Recycled rubber for endurance that will not warp, chip or crack.
4) Black rubber base with yellow PVC lid to increase safety and visibility
5) Maintenance free, and easy to install.
6) Home and industrial applications in parking lots, warehouses, hotels, schools or events.

7) Ideal for indoor and outdoor.

8) Quickly set up as temporary solution. Easy permanent installation.


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