1.2M High Visible Orange Barrier Safety Temporary Fence

Model No. AR-SR02
Delivery Time: Within 15-20days
Shipping Port: Ningbo or other shipping ports in China.
Payment Terms: T.T or L.C at sight

Detailed Specifications for the Safety Fence


Safety fence barrier fencing high quality snow mesh fencing.jpg

Features & Applications
1. Made from UV stabilized, extruded polypropylene.
2. Durable, flexible, no harm to the environment and easy to recover when beging damaged.
3. Colors could be customized as you required as: orange, yellow, green and blue etc.
4. The highly reflective colors makes it highly visible to anyone in the area.
5. Sturdy yet lightweight construction is an economical choice for temporary construction sites and crowd control.
6. UV-Reisitance, good performance in fading and ageing resistance.
7. Light weight but strong, a bit stiff to stand, flexible, easy to install using T-posts, wooden posts or existing fences.
8. Reasonable design, many rolls packed together available, saving storage space and transportation cost.
9. As supporting home insulation, Also can be used for chicken runs, dog boundaries, poultry netting.
10. Used for temporary enclosures on construction sites, sporting events, industrial facilities, and recreation areas.


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