Reflective Cone Barricade Bar Red & White

Model No. AR-RCB01
Delivery Time: Within 15-20days
Shipping Port: Ningbo or other shipping ports in China.
Payment Terms: T.T or L.C at sight

Retractable from 130cm to 200cm                               
Length: 2000mm
Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 0.32kgs
Material: ABS or PP

Product Features
1. Black-yellow or red-white stripes could enhance the visual intensity much. Mainly used for matching with the traffic cones or warning posts as a temporary barriers, controlling crowds, warning road hazards and directing the traffic.
2. It's light weight and extremely portable. Easy to set up or remove, providing an instant and inexpensive barrier to hazardous or controlled access areas. Made with high quality industrial grade material.
3. Made of Durable ABS or PP, so not easy to deform at high temperatures. 


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